Best Shipment Tracking Apps for Shopify Stores – 2023’s Top Picks

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October 17, 2023

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Did you know that customers look up their order status at an average of 3.5 times per order? The ability to check the order status gives your customers the satisfaction that their shipments are in progress. With shipment tracking apps, your customers are less anxious while waiting for their orders. This shows why a shipment tracking app is crucial for your eCommerce business.[1]

Today, we explore the 10 best shipment tracking apps for Shopify stores and why your business needs them.

Track, Trace, and Thrive The Must-Have Tracking Apps for Shopify

Top 10 Shopify Shipment Tracking Apps

As you open the Shopify application, several order-monitoring apps will likely pop up on your screen. These tracking solutions are essential to monitor your shipments. There are several order-tracking applications accessible, both on the eCommerce Shopify app store and as standalone installations. 

Listed below are the best shipment tracking apps for Shopify.

1. ClickPost

ClickPost Logo

Using the assistance of push and pull API connectors, ClickPost is an order management software tool that enables you to get real-time tracking data, and it is linked with 130 carriers. Along with typical milestones being shown on an order progress tracking website, these changes are quickly provided to clients via SMS, email, and WhatsApp. Through API interfaces, the entire order manifestation process is automated.

Moreover, ClickPost offers a guidance engine that is powered by AI. It is designed to analyze predefined criteria, including shipment details and industry-specific KPIs. Along with automated client inquiries tailored to particular issues, this helps with NDR (Non-Delivery Report ) administration. Customizable analytic reports can aid with improved monitoring of carrier performance.  

2. ShippingEasy

ShippingEasy Logo

The Shopify App Store includes a ShipEasy order management and order tracking app, helping eCommerce businesses track their orders across various carriers

Through API interfaces, orders are automatically created. The shipping labels can be mass-printed to save both money and time. Additionally, ShippingEasy can also send out marketing emails on your company’s behalf.

3. AfterShip

AfterShip Logo

AfterShip is a private integration offering advanced features. Even though these features come with a premium price, this delivery and order management app has become extremely popular among international eCommerce firms. This is due to its package tracking feature

As soon as the carrier receives the update from the delivery agency, the order status gets updated, and tracking updates are immediately posted to your integrated dashboard. Customers can then see such updates on a tracking page and receive emails about them. This software also produces periodical reports of data analyses throughout predetermined periods.

4. Tracktor

Tracktor Logo

The Shopify App Store’s Tracktor Order Tracking app is widely used among most eCommerce businesses. With this system, you can receive order and shipment tracking updates from each integrated carrier and offer clients a personalized tracker on your site. This order tracking system allows you to build unique order statuses corresponding to any potential location. Customers can visit the Tracktor order tracking page without creating an account. When it comes to resolving client issues, Tracktor Order Tracking is renowned for offering outstanding customer support services.

5. ShipStation

ShipStation Logo

The ShipStation, a logistics management platform, and order tracking tool, can accommodate over 10,000 shipments per month in terms of volume. With the help of ShipStation, you can automate the creation of orders and the printing of shipping labels in addition to synchronizing your orders across several sales platforms. ShipStation also enables bulk printing of shipping labels to save time. With order management, ShipStation enables you to evaluate expected delivery times and shipping prices from various carriers before choosing one for your purchase.

6. ParcelPanel

ParcelPanel Logo

The ParcelPanel Order Tracking Pro application can be downloaded from the Shopify app store. Its sole purpose is to decrease customer inquiries through order monitoring and improve the tracking process with a branded tracking website. It makes dropshipping much simpler and supports more than 800 carriers. The tracking page in your store can have more brand-based designs thanks to the ParcelPanel interface’s adaptability.

7. ShipMonk

Shipmonk Logo

ShipMonk is the only application focusing on order fulfillment, and it can be used for free from the Shopify app store. It enables direct integration with the Shopify storefront and is only available for Shopify. This makes it possible to manage your inventory in rhythm with the arrival of orders. With this delivery management tool, you can check shipping rates from various carriers in real-time, allowing you to select the most affordable pricing. This system offers a significant service in order tracking and shipment mapping, even for packaged shipments. 

8. Shippo

Shippo Logo

Shippo is an efficient order tracking and management program that can be bought individually or as an app in the Shopify shop. It highlights streamlining delivery and automating shipping processes. With the help of this system, eCommerce businesses may synchronize their orders between Shopify and other selling channels and between shipping partners. There are approximately 85+ shipping partners with whom integrations can be done seamlessly. Shipping labels can be created in bulk for large orders using automated order creation features. Shippo is also reasonably priced because it provides low costs of shipping. Additionally, costs might be decreased by dividing shipments.

9. Easyship

Easyship Logo

A shipping and order management program called Easyship is now available for free on the Shopify program store. Numerous technologically enabled features are provided by this program to help with order fulfillment and customer query response. Easyship has partnerships with more than 250 carriers. It can also be downloaded on a mobile device. Due to this partnership, integrated eCommerce businesses will pay less for shipping. These are determined by several factors, such as taxes, customs charges, and the items in a customer’s shopping basket. Finally, a unified dashboard allows easy access to all order details and tracking updates, making it possible to quickly respond to client inquiries.

10. Parcellab

Parcellab Logo

Parcellab’s shipping management tool with integrated carriers allows eCommerce businesses to track orders. This method allows customers to access more than 150 different domestic and international shipping firms. Shopify and other sales channels can sync your orders with Parcellab, a proprietary integration. 

You will also receive prompt updates through this platform; your consumers receive them via email. Customers can view order statuses on an order status page customized to reflect your brand on your eCommerce platform when tracking updates are received. Parcellab has become incredibly well-known thanks to these brand-specific customizations.

Bonus App:


Postship - Best Shipment Tracking App for Shopify
Postship Logo

Postship is an eCommerce solution by Shiprocket that takes care of your business’s post-shipping needs. It aims to elevate the post-purchase experience of a customer in order to foster lasting customer loyalty. 

With Postship, you’ll witness an influx of repeat purchases, a significantly enhanced Net Promoter Score (NPS), and a remarkable 16% reduction in “Where is my order?” (WISMO) inquiries.

Postship’s key features:

  1. Quick Setup: You can get started in just 30 seconds without any complex setup processes.
  2. Proactive Order Updates: Postship keeps customers informed, reducing the number of WISMO inquiries.
  3. Multi-Carrier Tracking: Easily monitor packages from various carriers such as USPS, UPS, FedEx, and DHL.
  4. Seamless Integrations: Connect your Shopify store and Klaviyo account easily.

Experience the power of Postship today!

Why Your Shopify Store Needs Shipment Tracking Apps

Here are the primary reasons why your Shopify store needs a shipment tracking app:

1. Automate Delivery Tracking

One of the primary benefits of eCommerce solutions is that conventional retailers are missing out on automation. The entire order creation and tracking process can be automated using AI, ML, and API interfaces, ensuring that tracking updates are sent back to you as soon as a new milestone is updated with your shipping partner. 

2. Real-Time Delivery Updates

Time-saving processes are critical to consumer satisfaction as your clients always await their orders, unlike in traditional stores where customers leave with their purchases. A program for tracking orders that uses the most advanced technologies and real-time updates is necessary for both the consumer and the seller.

3. Proactive Customer Communications 

Typically, customers are informed of all changes to order tracking statuses through different channels and updates to the tracking apps. Most consumers are busy, yet their worry over their purchase frequently compels them to visit the monitoring page. By sending additional communications by email, SMS, and WhatsApp, you may show them that you are trying to keep them updated. This is a brilliant way to increase trust.

4. Better Inventory Management

A dissatisfied consumer is unlikely to shop with you twice. Watching your orders from the beginning enables you to keep track of returned orders that can be refilled and resold, in addition to letting you know what inventory has been sold. This becomes doubly feasible with an order monitoring tool that permits returns management or provides features resembling those of a Shopify inventory management app.

5. Enhanced Delivery Experience 

Along with all other order business processes, any business’s ultimate objective is to give clients a positive experience. And with the appropriate behaviors, this experience can shift at any time. You may respond to delays, exceptions, and client problems more quickly using order management software.

6. Higher customer retention

Customers will likely come back and shop from you or even simply surf through your page when satisfied. By communicating with them regularly through different platforms and forums and by providing quality services, you are likely to retain them. A proper, complete experience that keeps a consumer informed gives you a higher chance to retain them. 

Picking the Perfect Shopify Shipment Tracking App

Here are some tips you should consider to pick the best shipment tracking app for Shopify:

  • Requirement identification: Understanding your shipment requirements will allow you to determine the type of automation and degree of features you need.
  • Looking at all your available options: Evaluating all your options is crucial to understanding which tracking and order management software meets all your requirements while also fitting into your budget.
  • Understanding the features offered: Every software and tool has different features, and choosing the one that meets all your needs is vital to maximize efficiency. Hence, understanding all the offerings is crucial to make an informed decision. 
  • Compatibility check: Applications that integrate smoothly and effectively to give you real-time tracking without any trouble will help you achieve maximum customer satisfaction. Hence, verifying your compatibility is a wise move.
  • Scalability and automation: When you handle high orders with significant volumes, tracking precisely is a significant feature. Furthermore, when you decide to scale your business, the tool you choose must be capable of handling it.
  • Reviewing feedback: Reviews and comments from other users can help you evaluate your decisions regarding these apps. 
  • Pricing: Pricing matters. You should be able to afford the operational costs, and it must not be out of your budget. 
  • Making informed decisions: Research allows you to make wise decisions. This can only be optimized through a trial-and-error method. Do not hesitate to explore alternatives when one app does not fit your needs. 


Order tracking is crucial for businesses that employ multi-carrier delivery services to deliver a substantial number of orders per month. Without these apps, each order must be manually tracked by inputting its order tracking number into the platform of the relevant shipping partner. This method is incredibly slow and inefficient when dealing with over 5,000 monthly orders. 

Shopify order tracking apps automate specific tasks to ensure you can efficiently handle your orders. There are several shipment tracking applications, and choosing the right one for your business is crucial. Evaluating all their features and exploring different options will help you find the one most suited to your needs.

How do I track my Shopify shipment?

There are several ways you can track your Shopify shipment. You can do so through an order confirmation email, a specific tracking page, Shopify order notifications, order tracking apps, delivery tracking with the seller, etc.

Are there different types of shipping apps available?

Yes, there are different types of shipping apps available. Some popular types of shipping apps include end-to-end shipping apps, all-in-one apps, multi-channel support shipping apps, etc. Some shipment-tracking apps focus on the pricing aspect, while others focus on tracking.

What are the benefits of using shipment tracking apps for Shopify?

There are several benefits of using shipment tracking apps for Shopify. These include real-time status updates to customers, improved communication with customers, higher customer retention, streamlined shipping processes, and performance tracking.

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