Branded Tracking Pages: How They Boost Your Business?

Sahil Bajaj

Senior Specialist - Marketing @ Postship

November 14, 2023

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The need for maintaining effective branded tracking pages is being felt by businesses more than ever. These pages give an insight into the customers’ post-purchase behavior and preferences and thus help in serving them better. The growing competition in the marketing field makes it necessary to provide an impeccable customer experience and increase post-purchase engagement. Maintaining tracking pages is a significant part of it. As per recent research, 97% of online shoppers state that delivery tracking is important while purchasing products online. In this article, you will learn in detail about branded tracking pages and some post-purchase ideas to ensure your customers stick around and more.

Branded Tracking Pages: Boost Business Post Sales

Understanding the Significance of Branded Tracking Pages

Creating branded tracking pages involves personalizing the customers’ product tracking experience to provide a clear understanding of the whereabouts of their purchases. Exclusive branded tracking pages are added to the website or mobile application for this purpose. They can even be implemented via the shipping carrier’s APIs (Application Programming Interface) and third-party tracking software. The pages are aligned with the brand’s identity to ensure it remains etched in the customer’s mind. The information about the packages is updated in real-time on these pages for an enhanced customer experience. It is a way of building trust among the consumers.

Key Elements of a Successful Branded Tracking Page

There are certain elements that must form a part of branded tracking pages in order to ensure their effectiveness. Here is a look at some of the key features:

  1. Order Status

This is undoubtedly one of the key elements of a tracking page. It enables customers to check their order status in real-time. Statistics derived from a survey revealed that 60% of online shoppers check the status of their orders every day

  1. Progress Bar

Many organizations have started incorporating a progress bar that enables customers to view the progress of their shipments. Right from order processing, packaging, and delivery, every step is shown on the bar.

  1. Shipment Details

Shipment details must be readily available on this page, including the tracking number. Using this information, the customers can track their orders easily.

  1. Order Summary

An exclusive tab for order summary must be included on the brand tracking page. It should include the items purchased, the quantity of items, their price and other necessary details.

  1. Order History

A track record of the customer’s previous purchases must be included under order history. The information should be available for quick reference on the branded tracking pages.

  1. Connect with Social Media

It is also a good idea to add social media sharing buttons on the page to improve post-purchase engagement. This way, the customers can share their experience dealing with your business on your social media handles.

  1. Customer Support Tab

This is yet another essential element that must form a part of the tracking page. Information related to customer support contact, such as their phone number and email ID, should be included here. It is also suggested to incorporate a live chat option.

The Crucial Features for Exceptional Branded Tracking Pages

The below-mentioned features should be included in the tracking page to offer a better customer experience:

  1. Branding Elements

Your eCommerce page should reflect your brand’s identity. This can be achieved by strategically placing your brand’s logo, typography, and color scheme on the tracking page.

  1. Personalized Messages

Adding a personalized salutation enhances the customer experience. You can also share updates regarding the buyer’s order details on this page. This is an effective way to connect with your customers. You might take it a step further and give your clients the choice of the notifications they want to receive.

  1. Testimonials

It is imperative that you provide client evaluations and testimonials on the tracking page in order to establish trust with your customers. To add even more value, you can include links to your social media handles.

Benefits of Branded Tracking Page: Boosting Customer Engagement

Branded tracking page is a potential method to enhance customer engagement. Here is how you can benefit from it:

  1. Customer Satisfaction

One of the main benefits of creating a branded tracking page is that it enhances customer satisfaction. It offers a transparent post-purchase experience that helps build trust among customers. Moreover, they are also likely to share their positive experience of dealing with you.

  1. Higher Retention Rate

It has been observed that retaining old customers is easier and more profitable as compared to acquiring new ones. Reportedly, 82% of companies state that customer retention is more affordable than acquisition. By offering a good post-purchase experience, you encourage the customers to stick around. They are likely to come back to you for more purchases. Thus, by creating a well-structured branded tracking page, you can boost your business.

  1. Upselling

Many organizations add products similar to their customers’ purchases on the branded tracking page as a suggestion. This encourages the customers to explore the products and can lead to sales.

  1. Insight into Customer Preferences

The way customers engage on the tracking page gives an idea about their buying behavior and preferences. You can use these insights to improve their experience, which will ultimately benefit your business.

Elevating the Post-Purchase Experience

As a business owner, your aim should not just be cracking sales but to build a loyal customer base. This leads to repeated purchases in addition to word-of-mouth publicity. Offering an impeccable post-purchase experience can help in this direction. Seeking and implementing post-purchase ideas that add value to the consumer experience and foster brand loyalty is imperative. One of the ways to achieve this is by building a customized branded tracking page. The page must include all the essential elements and features shared above. Necessary customer support, timely deliveries, loyalty programs, and follow-up on issues can elevate the customers’ post-purchase experience further.

Strategies for Effective Post-Purchase Engagement

Here are some effective ways to engage consumers post-purchase:

  1. Send a Thank You Email

Start by sending a great thank you email to your customers, thanking them for choosing your products or services. Provide information about the way they can report issues, if any. It is important to personalize the email and use a warm tone. You may include a promo code in the email to create a delight factor. 

  1. Seek Feedback

Seek customer feedback about their experience of making a purchase from your brand. You can also request them to share product reviews.

  1. Surveys and Newsletters

After a gap of a week or so, you may request the customer to fill out a small survey. It should include questions related to their experience of making the purchase as well as using your products or services. You can share newsletters periodically to keep their interest alive in your brand. You must share interesting and informative content related to your brand as well as the industry as a whole to capture their interest.

  1. Social Media Engagement

Reply to your customers’ queries and feedback on your social media handles.

  1. Float Loyalty Programs

Provide details about your loyalty programs to the customer. Tell them how they can benefit by making more purchases from your brand.

  1. Share Referral Programs

Encourage your clients to refer friends and family by offering incentives for that in the form of discounts and surprise gifts.

  1. Share Discount Offers

Inform the customers about your discount offers or special schemes through emails and messages.

  1. Reminders for Reorder

Sending reminders to reorder products is yet another excellent post-purchase idea to boost sales. It proves to be helpful in increasing sales.

  1. Send Greetings

It is suggested to wish your customers on their birthday. You should also send greetings on special occasions such as Diwali, Holi, and New Year to stay connected.

  1. Create Online Forums

It is a good idea to create online forums and communities where your customers can connect with each other.

Real-Life Examples of Exceptional Post-Purchase Experiences

Many organizations around the world have increased their credibility by offering amazing post-purchase experiences. Some such post-purchase experience examples are as follows:

  1. Apple – The Apple Care Program has been designed to provide an excellent post-purchase experience to its customers. Its technical support service over the call and in-person has received accolades from its customers.
  2. Amazon – Among other things, this eCommerce portal is loved for its easy return policy. Its refund and replacement policy makes for an exceptional post-purchase experience.
  3. Bigbasket – One of the reasons for the popularity of this online grocery brand is its “No Questions Asked Return Policy.” If you are not satisfied with a product, you can return it and receive a complete refund without stating any reason. 


Branded tracking pages have become crucial for the success of eCommerce portals. They should include all the necessary elements, such as live tracking, order history, social proof, and personalized messages. They are helpful in building credibility, establishing customer trust, and boosting sales. If you haven’t created a tracking page yet, then get it now to enhance your customers’ post-purchase experience. Do not forget to incorporate all the aforementioned elements and features in your page.

Postship is an eCommerce solution by Shiprocket that takes care of your business’s post-shipping needs. It aims to elevate the post-purchase experience of a customer in order to foster lasting customer loyalty. 

Should start-ups consider investing in branded tracking pages?

As a start-up owner, you may be low on budget however, you must invest in branded tracking pages. This is because it plays an important role in establishing trust in your business.

Which feature needs to be an essential part of the branded tracking pages?

An eCommerce site’s order status page should have real-time order-tracking functionality. You can also go for in-built third-party tracking for seamless operation.

Do customers prefer e-commerce sites that provide live order tracking information?

Yes, customers prefer eCommerce sites that provide live order tracking information over those that do not have this option. This feature provides a sense of satisfaction and helps build trust among customers.

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